Sunday, April 4, 2010

Retail therapy!

So after a hard week, I thought I would do a bit of shopping with Mum! I was very happy that my student allowance came through with some good back pay.

We first went op shopping and I found an awesome vintage bag that I haven't stopped using since I bought it, I wish I had a photo! *shakes fist at camera* I also bought a vintage floral scarf and was very excited to find a book that I wanted for only $2!
It was Rattle & Hum, the book about the film of U2 in the 1980's.

Next up, I went into a hair product store and purchased Joico Silk Result Sheer Gloss Shine serum (boy what a mouthful!)as I told the guy at the counter I wanted something for flyaways but also it needed to be suitable for hair that gets oily very quick-mine's terrible for that!

Then I went to the perfume counter at our local chemist, I've never had a decent perfume before so I decided to buy one and settled on DKNY Fresh Blossom, I really like this scent-fruity, floral & fresh. Though next time I intend on buying Miss Dior Cherie.

I finished up by buying a few Audrey Hepburn dvds.
Usually I collect mainly Marilyn films but I'm really loving Audrey at the moment! to quote my Mum "She's something quite special isn't she!" hehe.
Audrey's so elegant and charming, and in the few films I have her wardrobes are to die for- this time I just bought Bloodline (one of her later roles, with poor reviews-still haven't watched it!) and Paris when it sizzles.

I love how she was mainly dressed by Givenchy, and her outfits in this role were amazing.

Anywho, nervous about my first weigh in tomorrow! Sorry I haven't been too detailed in what I've eaten this week but I've been quite ill.
I've mainly made healthy choices! With a few easter slip ups..but hoping for the best!
Hope you all had a great Easter.

*Credit to for Paris When it Sizzles stills.

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