Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This week has been a good week :D

Monday I had a really good day with eating the right things and everything was fine until about 8pm when Mum came home with some discounted chocolate marshmallow eggs..I hate slipping up at night after having a good day! Oh well, I was immediately angry with myself afterwards.

Yesterday was much better!! I woke up late so I didn't have breakfast again...but I made myself a chicken salad wrap thing, and for snacks throughout the day, I just kept to some Weight Watchers sugar-free jelly and then for dinner made some more healthy wraps BUT I originally made two wraps for myself but only ended up eating one and gave the other away, that my friends is a breakthrough!

AND AND AND I did exercise!!! I dusted off my Winsor Pilates dvd and grabbed that funky sculpting circle and got to it. It was the 20 minute sculpting circle routine thingy and I did it twice yesterday because since I've lost weight it's becoming much easier...even though at one stage my position resembled a crumpled pair of scissors as my toning circle flew across the room.
Today I woke up so sore around my stomach from it..I guess it's doing something right? right.

Today I attempted the cardio section of the dvd, was 15 minutes in huffing and puffing and generally looking like a beetroot when Mari announces 'Great! Now you're warmed up, we're ready to start' to which my mum probably heard me yelling 'ZOMGOODNESSWHAT?!' and the tv switching off...Oh well, back to exercise tomorrow!

For lunch today I had a chicken salad sandwich, more sugar-free jelly throughout the day and tonight I had chicken with salad, and just a few fries.

Oh! and my water intake is getting better, even though it feels like I'm drinking an entire ocean, I usually find I've had only half I've what I'm meant to..but I'm getting there.

Most excellent!


  1. It's been awhile. How are you doing? Everything ok?

  2. Found you through the Blogroll. Hope you come back to blogging soon. There is a lot of support in the blogging community. Michele