Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This week has been a good week :D

Monday I had a really good day with eating the right things and everything was fine until about 8pm when Mum came home with some discounted chocolate marshmallow eggs..I hate slipping up at night after having a good day! Oh well, I was immediately angry with myself afterwards.

Yesterday was much better!! I woke up late so I didn't have breakfast again...but I made myself a chicken salad wrap thing, and for snacks throughout the day, I just kept to some Weight Watchers sugar-free jelly and then for dinner made some more healthy wraps BUT I originally made two wraps for myself but only ended up eating one and gave the other away, that my friends is a breakthrough!

AND AND AND I did exercise!!! I dusted off my Winsor Pilates dvd and grabbed that funky sculpting circle and got to it. It was the 20 minute sculpting circle routine thingy and I did it twice yesterday because since I've lost weight it's becoming much easier...even though at one stage my position resembled a crumpled pair of scissors as my toning circle flew across the room.
Today I woke up so sore around my stomach from it..I guess it's doing something right? right.

Today I attempted the cardio section of the dvd, was 15 minutes in huffing and puffing and generally looking like a beetroot when Mari announces 'Great! Now you're warmed up, we're ready to start' to which my mum probably heard me yelling 'ZOMGOODNESSWHAT?!' and the tv switching off...Oh well, back to exercise tomorrow!

For lunch today I had a chicken salad sandwich, more sugar-free jelly throughout the day and tonight I had chicken with salad, and just a few fries.

Oh! and my water intake is getting better, even though it feels like I'm drinking an entire ocean, I usually find I've had only half I've what I'm meant to..but I'm getting there.

Most excellent!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Weigh in!

So this week (or should I say the past week!) I've lost 3.3 lbs. I know it doesn't seem like much, but I had a few slip ups this week and this week should be alot better since my health is starting to pick up.
Last week was a haze of sickness and loss of sleep and..Easter treats.
While I was ill, I would skip meals due to bad nausea and actually throwing up but I stuck with eating only healthy and light foods.
I'm so annoyed with myself over what I ate in the weekend though.
My old thought patterns starting coming back..

"It's Easter! Everyone else is having chocolate..why do you have to miss out?"
"Easter only comes around once a year.."

And my personal favourite;

"You can always get back on track tomorrow.."

That last one always slips me up. It always leads me to a binge that usually lasts the entire day so that it can be 'worth' the slipping up.
Oh no, there's no way I could just have a little bit and put the chocolate back down again, I need to make the rebellion worth it and make the most of it because who knows when I will eat sweet things again?

Such a silly thought but it happens to me often.
It started on Thursday, my family were going out to buy some chocolate eggs and bunnies and I persuaded them to get me an egg and bunny too.
I thought 'this will be my easter treat and that's it'.
I had my egg, but ended up giving the bunny to my brother on the Friday.
Then on Saturday the stores were open again..and I tried to justify buying another egg for myself because I missed out on the bunny! Then while I was out I thought I would buy dinner too, so off to McDonalds I went.
Then yesterday I woke up thinking of all the healthy things I could eat, when a stop at the bakery yesterday to pick up some plain rolls turned into some sort of baked-good-buying celebration lol and I came home with alot of stuff I shouldn't have.
I was instantly angry at myself after that, the lack of willpower and the bad decisions.
I was after a certain magazine last night and went to the local dairy and that made me end up buying some sweets and other things I wasn't meant to.


Oh well, this week will be a good week, and there are some proper changes I need to make in order to succeed.

-Drink alot more water- this is so vital for everyone, especially those of us on our weight loss journies and even more so for those who are ill and need to re-hydrate.

-Plan my meals better, I'm not at the moment counting calories or ratios of protein and carb etc. I know that helps alot of people but at the moment I'm just trying to ease into the whole thing, and I also need to make sure I'm not starving between meals! I've had a bad habit in the past of only earing at lunch time and then at dinner, and sometimes in the past I've actually gone the whole day until 7pm without eating..how bad is that!

-Start off with some form of exercise.

Okey dokes. Well all in all, I'm happy that there was a loss for this week, now I'm going to focus on getting back to regular healthy patterns.


Retail therapy!

So after a hard week, I thought I would do a bit of shopping with Mum! I was very happy that my student allowance came through with some good back pay.

We first went op shopping and I found an awesome vintage bag that I haven't stopped using since I bought it, I wish I had a photo! *shakes fist at camera* I also bought a vintage floral scarf and was very excited to find a book that I wanted for only $2!
It was Rattle & Hum, the book about the film of U2 in the 1980's.

Next up, I went into a hair product store and purchased Joico Silk Result Sheer Gloss Shine serum (boy what a mouthful!)as I told the guy at the counter I wanted something for flyaways but also it needed to be suitable for hair that gets oily very quick-mine's terrible for that!

Then I went to the perfume counter at our local chemist, I've never had a decent perfume before so I decided to buy one and settled on DKNY Fresh Blossom, I really like this scent-fruity, floral & fresh. Though next time I intend on buying Miss Dior Cherie.

I finished up by buying a few Audrey Hepburn dvds.
Usually I collect mainly Marilyn films but I'm really loving Audrey at the moment! to quote my Mum "She's something quite special isn't she!" hehe.
Audrey's so elegant and charming, and in the few films I have her wardrobes are to die for- this time I just bought Bloodline (one of her later roles, with poor reviews-still haven't watched it!) and Paris when it sizzles.

I love how she was mainly dressed by Givenchy, and her outfits in this role were amazing.

Anywho, nervous about my first weigh in tomorrow! Sorry I haven't been too detailed in what I've eaten this week but I've been quite ill.
I've mainly made healthy choices! With a few easter slip ups..but hoping for the best!
Hope you all had a great Easter.

*Credit to glassoffashion.wordpress.com for Paris When it Sizzles stills.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Well, I don't know what to say diet-wise.
Or should I say health-wise?

Those of you who have been reading my blog know that I'm currently suffering from a stomach ulcer, but am I?
I have this gnawing feeling (no pun intended!) that it's really my gallbladder.
When I first got ill, that was first suspected, there was no doubt in the doctor or anyones mind that it was anything else-I had bile turn up in my urine, when they poked my tummy in all the different areas and did scans, the pain was (and still is) coming from the exact location of the gallbladder- though the scan showed I have a few small stones, they said it wouldn't cause major pain/problems and I'm now awaiting an endoscopy to see whether it's an ulcer or not.
My health this week has been so bad, I just don't know how much more of this I can take! That sounds so pathetic, it's only been a few months, but I'm sick of the chronic diarrhea (containing yellow bile) the waking up in the middle of the night to be sick, no matter what I've eaten, being absent from my class..
Ugh. But it's just this week that it's mainly got to me-I usually can handle all the symptoms in the daytime but now I'm barely getting a few hours sleep every night-I'll sleep a few hours when I first get to sleep and then I wake up and have to be sick and end up on the bathroom floor a few hours before nodding off from exhaustion.
Anywho, that being said luckily I have now started my holidays.

Diet-wise, as you would imagine I haven't been eating much as right now it's hard to keep stuff down and I suffer from nausea alot, but I still make sure I'm eating.
For lunch I had a chicken sandwich and for dinner I had a chicken salad-I know I'm not eating enough at the moment but hopefully it's just temporary.
Speaking of food, I know many of us have emotional attatchments to food/eating, I know I do! but this is the first time I've felt a certain emotion towards food, and that's fear.
Over food I've felt guilt, anger, obsession, frustration, elation and comfort but now I'm feeling fear because of being sick all the time lately.
Part of me has cut down on my food and drinking because I'm afraid of throwing up, and running to the toilet constantly.
But from this moment forward I've got to start drinking enough water! It's so important.

Sorry for the moan, hopefully things will get better! And thankyou to all those following me, I really appreciate it. <3