Sunday, March 28, 2010


Fashion post!
some of my designs from last year, that made their debut at our end of year fashion show.

First off I thought I would show this top, I created it with red taffeta and vintage ivory wedding lace.
With this garment I was inspired by French chic and wanted to create something quite feminine and fitting.
The bust was designed to look like a large bow, and the lace ruffles help to add movement and break up any stiffness.
At first, it was difficult to find a model for this garment so it could be worn in the show but I was so relieved when Mikayla wore it-it required someone who could fill out the bust area but also have a small enough waist to fit into it, and she fitted it perfectly.
Right now I'm having a bit of trouble with my images so I'll try and post more later.

Next up, this blouse was created and was inspired by Mariln Monroe-I wanted this garment to have a strong/feminine shape and I love bows so I wanted to incorporate that somewhere into the piece-and so I bagged out some bow pieces and sewed them into the plackets.
I cut and slashed the pattern for the sleeves so that they would be really full, and then I gathered them at the top and at the bottom of the sleeves into traditional cuffs.
I also did a large Peter Pan collar on the garment, but as you can see this photo was taken while the garment was still being constructed.
The printed fabric you see in the bows was designed and screenprinted by me-one of our projects was to come up with a repetitive design to do with our towns culture and so one of the first things I thought of was our local bird life.
The end design was of a Tui bird surrounded by New Zealand flowers such as Pohutakawa and Kowhai.
I ended up printing on a few fabrics-white, red and apricot.

I'll post some more things later :) All garments were designed, sewn and pattern-made by me.

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