Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I love Atonement, when I first watched it I enjoyed it but felt it was over-hyped.
Regardless, I bought the dvd because as silly as it sounds, I love 'beautiful' films-it's not odd for me to buy a film just because it has beautiful costumes/scenery/art direction.
Anyway, now it's one of my favourite films-it kind of reminds me in a way of one my other all time favourite movies 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' in the way that the more I view it, the more I discover.
I've just ordered the book and I can't wait to get into it.

Hopefully it'll be a great read!


  1. what is it about? i love beautiful films as well, one of my all time favourite movies is Marie Antoinette, but not because of the actual story or filming, just because of the costumes and the dresses and the sets. haha!
    i'm excited for you to post more! :-)

  2. Thankyou for your lovely comment!I love Marie Antoinette as well! I'll post some pics of that film later, it's a gorgeous film isn't it <3 I'm not that great at explaining things but here's a quote from imdb;

    'When Briony Tallis, 13 years old and an aspiring writer, sees her older sister Cecilia and Robbie Turner at the fountain in front of the family estate she misinterprets what is happening thus setting into motion a series of misunderstandings and a childish pique that will have lasting repercussions for all of them. Robbie is the son of a family servant toward whom the family has always been kind. They paid for his time at Cambridge and now he plans on going to medical school. After the fountain incident, Briony reads a letter intended for Cecilia and concludes that Robbie is a deviant. When her cousin Lola is raped, she tells the police that it was Robbie she saw committing the deed when in fact it was a visitor to the estate.'


  3. Hmmm... doesn't really sound like a movie I would like! But I love the pictures in this post! :-) Sorry I haven't replied in so long! LOL! Your blog is still great! Good luck with your weight loss journey!